Image Question-31

What is the Diagnosis of Image?

Image Question-31

What is the Diagnosis of MRI Image?

A. Endometriosis

B. Carcinoma cervix

C. Adenomyoma of uterus

D. Tumor of Urinary bladder

Source : Focal Adenomyoma in the posterior wall of bladder

Adenomyoma – lesion is characteristically a well-circumscribed, gray or white mass that may contain multiple mucinous cysts.

Histologically it is composed of irregularly shaped glands, some of which may exhibit papillary infoldings, and a leaflike architecture surrounded by smaller rounded glands, imparting a lobular appearance.

How to distinguish Adenomyoma from a uterine fibroid?

Adenomyoma is a focal region of adenomyosis resulting in a mass, which is difficult to distinguish from a uterine fibroid.

  • Adenomyoma – mass is poorly defined and blends with the surrounding myometrium.
  • Uterine fibroids- have a pseudocapsule of compressed myometrial tissue surrounding them.

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