Anatomy of Skin

Epidermis has ——- layers where the skin is thick

A. four

B. five

C. six

D. seven

In places of thin skin epidermis only has four layers. Which layer of epidermis is usually absent?

A. Stratum basale

B. Stratum spinosum

C. Stratum granulosum

D. Stratum lucidum

Not True about dermis

A. Rete pegs are downward thickenings of the epidermis

B. Dermis is embryologically derived from the mesoderm

C. Stratum lucidum is a part of reticular dermis

D.Papillary dermis is the upper layer

Which skin receptors important for detection of vibrational changes?

A. Meissner receptors

B. Pacinian corpuscles

C. Ruffini endings

D. Merkel receptors

Which cervical nerve has with no dermatome?

A. C1

B. C5

C. C7

D. C8

In shorts

Skin is the body’s largest organ

Receptors of Skin

Receptors Specific roles
1Meissner receptors Light touch
2Pacinian corpuscles Deep pressure and vibrational changes
3Ruffini endings Deep pressure and stretching of the skin’s collagen fibers.
4Free nerve endingsPain, light touch, and temperature variations.
5Merkel receptors associated with the Merkel cells Sustained light touch induction over the skin.
skin receptors

Layers of Dermis

Dermis is divided into two layers, the papillary dermis (the upper layer) and the reticular dermis (the lower layer).

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