Classic triad of pheochromocytoma includes all of the following EXCEPT –

A. Palpitation

B. Headache

C. Sweating

D. Hypertension

In Pheochromocytoma paroxysmal hypertension with headache, palpitations and excessive sweating. These paroxysms generally lasts for –

A. < 30 minutes

B. < 1 hour

C. < 3 hours

D. < 6 hours

When a tumor composed of the same cells as a pheochromocytoma develops outside the adrenal gland, it is referred to as a –

A. Paraganglioma

B. Neuroblastoma

C. Carcinoid tumors

D. Ganglioneuroblastoma

Organ of Zuckerkandl located at –

A. Loop of Henle

B. Carotid Bifurcation

C. Aortic Arch

D. Bifurcation of the aorta

Which is the most common abnormal heart rhythm associated with a pheochromocytoma?

A. Sinus tachycardia


C. Atrial fibrillation

D. Ventricular Bigeminy

Which of the following test is considered to be the gold standard diagnosis for pheochromocytoma?

A. Twenty-four hour urinary metanephrines

B. Chromogranin A

C. Plasma free metanephrines

D. 3-methoxytyramine

In pheochromocytoma most common extra-adrenal sites of metastases are –

A. Lungs

B. Thyroid

C. Brain

D. Mediastinum

Which tumor often show a characteristic
“Zellballen” pattern Histologically ?

A. Pheochromocytoma

B. Neuroblastoma

C. Carcinoid tumors

D. Ganglioneuroblastoma

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