‘U’ wave

‘U’ waves represent repolarization of –

A. Atrial septum

B. Moderator band

C. Purkinje fibers

D. Epicardium

What is the ECG wave in the IMAGE?

A. ‘T’ wave

B. ‘S’ wave

C. Sigmoid wave

D. ‘U’ wave

ALL of the following leads commonly shows ‘U’ wave EXCEPT?

A. Lead -II

B. V2

C. V3 

D. V6

Prominent ‘U’ waves are defined as –

A. 20% of the height of the T wave

B. 25% of the height of the T wave

C. 30% of the height of the T wave

D. 35% of the height of the T wave


What represented by ‘U’ wave?

‘U’ waves are thought to represent repolarization of the Purkinje fibers.

What is the mechanism of origin of ‘U’ Wave?

Most common theories for the origin are:

  1. Delayed repolarization of Purkinje fibers
  2. Prolonged re-polarisation of mid-myocardial M-cells
  3. After-potentials resulting from mechanical forces in the ventricular wall
  4. The repolarization of the papillary muscle.
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