Early menopause is related to all except –

A. Thinner women

B. Cigarette smoking

C. Severe malnutrition

D. Use of oral pill

Not true about premenopause is

A. The follicles become resistant to pituitary gonadotropins

B. Increase in FSH hormone

C. Delayed corpus luteum formation

D. Mean cycle length decreases

Serum level of estrone in menopause

A. 10–20 pg/mL

B. 30-70 pg/mL

C. 90- 100 pg/mL

D. 5-15 pg/mL

Which of the following is not true of menopause

A. Thin women are more likely to have increased facial hair growth and change in voice after menopause 

B. Symptoms of estrogen deficiency are less in obese women

C. High chances of endometrial cancer in thin women

D. Osteoporosis is more common in thin women

Following are hormonal changes in menopause except

A. Secretions of both FSH and LH are increased
B. The GnRH pulse section is increased both in frequency and amplitude
C. Level of prolactin and inhibin rises
D. Increase in LH stimulates more androgen from ovary

All are true about estrogen except

A. Estrogen increases absorption of calcium from the gut
B. Amplifies osteoclastic activity
C. Stimulates calcitonin secretion from the C cells of the thyroid
D. Inhibits release of IL-I by monocytes.

Diagnostic of menopause is

A. Cessation of menstruation for 9 month

B. Estradiol level below 50 pg /ml

C. Vaginal maturation index of parabasal cells is less than 30

D. LH level more than 40 mlU/mL

In Shorts

Antiatherosclerotic properties of estrogen are attributed to

  1. Decreases LDL and Total cholesterol
  2. It increases HDL
  3. Stimulates prostacycline
  4. Stimulates the release of nitric oxide
  5. Inhibits platelet and macrophage (foam cell) aggregation

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