Medicine MCQs -21

Tiopronin is used for prevention of which type kidney stones-

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Focus for cystine stone prevention is on increasing cystine solubility.
This goal may be achieved by treatment with medication that covalently binds to cystine (tiopronin and penicillamine

Which stones are commonly caused by a urinary tract infection?

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Struvite stones are virtually always caused by a urinary tract infection

Staghorn calculi is produced by which type renal stones?

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All of the following are CORRECT about Dent's disease EXCEPT -

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affects the proximal renal tubules
LMW proteinuria

Which renal stones are called as infection stones?

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Struvite stones, also known as infection stones or triplephosphate stones, form only when the upper urinary tract is infected with urease-producing bacteria such as
Proteus mirabilis,
Klebsiella pneumoniae,
Providencia species

What is the “gold standard” diagnostic test for Nephrolithiasis?

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Nephrolithiasis - The “gold standard” diagnostic test is helical CT without contrast.

All of the following are CORRECT about Randall's plaques EXCEPT -

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Randall's plaques
Randall's plaques - are calcium phosphate deposits
form in the papillary interstitium

Which is the most common type of kidney stone?

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Calcium oxalate: The most common type of kidney stone which is created when calcium combines with oxalate in the urine.

Which kidney stones grow quickly to large size ?

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Struvite stones - can grow very large quickly

When there is a stone is in the lower part of the ureter the pain can radiate to -

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stone lodges in the upper part of the ureter - pain may radiate anteriorly
if the stone is in the lower part of the ureter - pain can radiate to the ipsilateral testicle in men or ipsilateral labium in women.

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