Ghon focus

ALL of the following are TRUE about Ghon focus EXCEPT –

A. Primary lesion

B. Usually seen in subpleural location

C. Most commonly seen in Upper zone

D. Small area of granulomatous inflammation

What is the classical location of Ghon Focus?

  1. Cassical location for Ghon focus or primary infection is surrounding the lobar fissures,
  2. Commonest location is either in the upper part of the lower lobe or lower part of the upper lobe

What is Ghon’s complex?

  1. Ghon focus with involved infection of adjacent lymphatics and hilar lymph nodes, it is known as the Ghon’s complex.
  2. Also called as primary complex.

What is the clinical implication of Ghon complex ?

Ghons complex retains viable bacteria,

It is a sources of long-term infection, which may reactivate and trigger secondary tuberculosis later in life.

What is Ranke complex?

  1. Ghon complex undergoes progressive fibrosis and calcification.
  2. When radiologically detectable as calcification it is called Ranke complex.
  3.  Ranke complex is an evolution of the Ghon complex
  4. Healing and calcification of Ghon complex leads to Ranke complex.

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