Medicine MCQs-14

Stemmer-Kaposi sign is a helpful clinical sign in diagnosing -

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Kaposi-Stemmer sign - inability to pinch and lift the skin at the dorsum of the base of the second toe

Kaposi-Stemmer sign has been shown to be the most useful.

Potato Nose [Rhinophyma] develops in certain individuals with -

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Rhinophyma develops in some individuals after long-standing rosacea that has progressed to acne rosacea

Blueberry muffin baby is due to -

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Blueberry muffin baby - also known as extramedullary hematopoiesis

Hereditary Lymphedema type II known as -

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Hereditary lymphedema type II - known as - Meige disease

Milroy's disease is -

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Milroy's disease - autosomal dominant

Recent study has proven the link between geographic tongue and ....

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Recent study has proven the link between geographic tongue and psoriasis - the presence of geographic tongue can be a predictor of psoriasis.

Most widely accepted cause of Yellow nail syndrome is dysfunction of - lymphatic system

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Most widely accepted explanation for the signs and symptoms associated with Yellow nail syndrome is a dysfunction of the lymphatic system.

Virchow's law is applied for which of the following?

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Virchow's law - during craniosynostosis, skull growth is restricted to a plane perpendicular to the affected, prematurely fused suture and is enhanced in a plane parallel to it.

Most common presentation of Milroy Disease is -

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Most common presentation of Milroy Disease is unilateral lower extremity lymphedema

Milroy's disease is also known as -
Primary or hereditary lymphedema type 1A
Early onset lymphedema.

Which of the following is called potato nose?

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