Hürthle Cells

What is a Hürthle Cell?

Hürthle cell is used to describe follicular-derived epithelial cells with oncocytic cytology.

Oncocytes in the thyroid are often called Hürthle cells.

Oncocyte, oxyphilic cell, and Hürthle cell are used interchangeably but Hürthle cell is used only to indicate cells of thyroid follicular origin.

What is the triad of classic definition of Hashimoto’s disease?

The classic definition of Hashimoto’s disease calls for the triad of –


Plasma cells

Hürthle cells

Hürthle cell is associated with which conditions ?

  1. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  2. Hürthle cell adenoma
  3. Hürthle cell carcinoma

What is Askanazy cell ?

Other name of Hürthle Cell is Askanazy cell.

Hürthle cell was first described in 1898 by Max Askanazy, who noted it in patients with Graves’ disease.

Askanazy first described Hürthle Cell in diffuse toxic goiter (Graves’ disease), typically does not contain an abundance of HCs, they may be seen in cases of long-standing Graves’ disease

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