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What are the Clinical uses of C-peptide testing
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distinguishing type 1 diabetes from type 2 diabetes or Maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY)
Differential diagnosis of hypoglycemia.
possibility of gastrinomas associated with Multiple Endocrine Neoplasm syndromes (MEN 1).
determine degree of insulin resistance

Insulin Gene

located on chromosome NUMBER
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Insulin Gene - located on chromosome 11 directs the synthesis of preproinsulin.

Endogenous production of insulin

Estimation of ------------ in the plasma serves as an useful index for the endogenous production of insulin?
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C-peptide or connecting peptide - is a short 31-amino-acid polypeptide that connects insulin's A-chain to its B-chain in the proinsulin molecule.


Preproinsulin- an insulin precursor consisting -------- NUMBER of amino acids
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A and B chains in Insulin

A and B chains in Insulin - are connected to each other by------- interchain disulphide linkages
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TWO - A and B chains in Insulin - are connected to each other by two interchain disulphide linkages, connecting A7 to B7 and A20 to B19. In addition, there is an intrachain disulphide link in chain
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