M cells

M cells are

A. Macrophages

B. Type of T-Cells

C. Microfold cells

D. Microcell

Microfold cells are specialized

A. Bone marrow cells

B. Brain cells

C. Hepatic cells

D. Intestinal epithelial cells

M cells function is

A. Endocytosis

B. Transcytosis

C. Exocytosis

D. Pinocytosis

All are TRUE about M – Cells EXCEPT

A. Primarily found Payers Patches

B. Absence of normal intestinal microvilli

C. Sucrase-isomaltase is marker for the identification of M cells

D. Function is Transcytosis

Which of the following is mainly used as a negative marker for identification of M cells?

A. malate dehydrogenase

B. alkaline phosphatase

C. N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase

D. 5′-nucleotidase

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