Ghent criteria

Ghent criteria is used in diagnosis of

[A] Rheumatoid arthritis
[B] Turnor syndrome
[C] Marfans Syndrome
[D] Wegener granulomatosis

Ghent criteria

Major and minor criteria used to help diagnose Marfan syndrome.

Major criteria

Major criteria can include:

  • an enlarged aorta
  • a tear in the aorta
  • dislocation of the lens of the eye
  • a family history of the syndrome
  • at least 4 skeletal problems, such as flat feet or a curved spine (scoliosis)
  • enlargement of the lining that surrounds part of the spinal cord (dural ectasia)

Minor criteria

Minor criteria can include:

  • unexplained stretch marks
  • loose joints
  • a long, thin face
  • a high, arched palate (roof of the mouth)

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