Heart failure cells

Heart failure cells are

A. Reticulocytes

B. Endothelial cells

C. Siderophages

D. Type II Pneumocytes

Siderophage is a hemosiderin-containing macrophage.

Heart failure cells are siderophages generated in the alveoli of the lungs of people with left heart failure or chronic pulmonary edema,

How the Heart Failure cells produced

Dteps in formation of Heart Failure Cells

Heart Failure

  1. – Pulmonary congestion
  2. – High pulmonary blood pressure
  3. – RBCs pass through vascular wall due to high pressure
  4. – RBCs are phagocytized by alveolar macrophages

Alveolar macrophages (dust cells) engulf the red blood cells, and become engorged with brownish hemosiderin – Called Heart failure cells

Siderophages are seen in – pulmonary hemorrhage

Siderophages are not specific of heart failure. They are present wherever red blood cells encounter macrophages, such as pulmonary hemorrhage.

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