Radiation encephalopathy

Early delayed radiation encephalopathy occurs —— after irradiation

A. < 1 weeks

B. < 2 weeks

C. 2 weeks to 4 months

D .> 6 months

Acute radiation encephalopathy

Expressed in days to weeks after irradiation

Early delayed radiation encephalopathy

1–6 months post-irradiation

Delayed radiation encephalopathy

characterized histopathologically by vascular abnormalities, demyelination, and ultimately white matter necrosis is usually observed >6 months post-irradiation

Radiation encephalopathy Time periodRadiation doses
1Acute radiation encephalopathywithin a few days of
> 3 Gy.
2Early delayed radiation encephalopathy1–6 months post-irradiation
3Delayed radiation encephalopathy> 6 months post-irradiation> 35 Gy.
Radiation encephalopathy

Delayed radiation encephalopathy seen – when doses exceed 35 Gy.

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