Chemotherapy induced vomiting

Acute onset of nausea and vomiting after administration of chemotherapy usually resolves

A. < 24 hours

B. < 48 hours

C. 1 week

D 2 week

Nausea & Vomiting after chemotherapyTime period
1 Acute  onsetWithin minutes to hours after administration of chemotherapy and resolving within 24 hours
2DelayedOccurs 24 hours or later after administration of chemotherapy
3Anticipatory occurs before chemotherapy administration
4Breakthrough/refractoryNausea and vomiting that occur despite appropriate prophylaxis
Chemotherapy induced Vomiting

Agents available to treat chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting[ CINV ] include –

  1. 5-HT3 receptor antagonists,
  2. NK1 receptor antagonists,
  3. corticosteroids,
  4. dopamine receptor antagonists
  5. benzodiazepines, olanzapine
  6. cannabinoids.

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