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Most common cause of headache due to persistent low CSF volume is –

CSF leak following LP

Most common cause of disability in individuals <45 years of age –

back symptoms

Cauda equina syndrome is most commonly due to –

large ruptured lumbosacral intervertebral disk

Most common neurologic symptom in patients with systemic cancer –

Back pain

cause is usually vertebral body metastasis (85–90%)

thoracic spine is most often affected

Most common nontraumatic vertebral body fractures are due to-

postmenopausal or senile osteoporosis

Osteoarthritis of the cervical spine roots most commonly
affected are –

C7 and C6

Hyperpyrexia most commonly occurs in patients with –

central nervous system (CNS) hemorrhages.

fever of >41.5°C (>106.7°F) is called hyperpyrexia

Rash of measles –

  • starts at hairline 2–3 days into the illness
  • moves down the body,
  • spare the palms and soles

Koplik’s spots –

  1. 1- to 2-mm white or bluish lesions with an erythematous halo
  2. present on the buccal mucosa
  3. pathognomonic for measles

Forchheimer spots –

palatal petechiae

Seen in cases of rubella but nonspecific

Forchheimer spots – also develop in

  1. infectious mononucleosis
  2. scarlet fever
  3. Zika virus infection
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