Which papillary muscle most commonly rupture following an MI?

  • [A] Anterior
  • [B] Septal
  • [C] Anterolateral
  • [D] Posteromedial

Posteromedial papillary muscle most commonly rupture following an MI.

Why Posteromedial papillary muscle mst commonly rupture following an MI?


The anterolateral papillary muscle has a dual blood supply, whereas the posteromedial papillary muscle has blood supply only from the posterior descending coronary; thus in most patients, it is the posteromedial papillary muscle that will rupture following an MI.

  • Antero-lateral papillary muscle blood supply is from the left anterior descending and the diagonal or a marginal branch of the circumflex artery.
  • The left circumflex or right coronary artery (depending on dominance) provides the blood supply to the postero-medial papillary muscle

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