Polyhydramnios is defined as a state where liquor amnii exceeds

A. 500 ml

B. 700 ml

C. 1.5 liter

D. 2 liter

Sonographic diagnosis of Polyhydramnios is made when amniotic fluid index

A. > 24 cm

B. > 12 cm

C. < 24 cm

D. < 12 cm

Polyhydramnios is diagnosed if the deepest vertical pool is more than

A. 4 cm

B. 8 cm

C. 12 cm

D. 16 cm

All of the following are TRUE EXCEPT

A. Hydramnios is found in association with anencephaly in about 50% cases.

B. Hydramnios is more common in monozygotic twins, usually affecting the first sac.

C. Hydramnios is associated with diabetes in about 30% cases.

D. Chronic Hydramnios is more common than Acute Hydramnios

If deepest vertical pool [DVP] is 15 cm then Polyhydramnios is

A. Mild

B. Moderate

C. Severe

D. Not present

In oligohydramnios amniotic fluid index [AFI]

A. < 5

B. < 10

C. > 5

D. > 10

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