Image Question-10

What is the Diagnosis of X-Ray?

Case courtesy of Alexandra Stanislavsky, From the case rID: 10578


Most common parasitic infestation of the central nervous system –


Rice-grain or cigar-shaped calcification

  1. ovoid-shaped calcification in soft tissues
  2. particularly muscles
  3. characteristic of infection with Taenia solium
  4. cysticercosis

What is the clinical significance of rice-grain clacification on plain radiograph?

  1. When there is ring-enhancing lesions in brain imaging and both tuberculoma and neurocysticercosis suspected this criteria of ‘Rice-grain clacification’ on plain radiograph supports diagnosis of neurocysticercosis.
  2. Rice-grain clacification on plain radiograph is a minor diagnostic criterion for neurocysticercosis

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