Prevention of Cancer

Smokers have an ——– lifetime risk of dying prematurely from a tobacco-related cancer,
cardiovascular, or pulmonary disease.

A. 1 in 3

B. 2 in 10

C. 3 in 15

D. 5 in 100

Which is TRUE ? Tobacco use causes more deaths from

A. Cardiovascular disease > cancer

B. Cancer stomach > cardiovascular disease

C. Cancer > cardiovascular disease

D. Lung cancer > cardiovascular disease

Studies shows that each 5 kg/m2 increase in BMI was linearly associated with cancers of ALL all of the following EXCEPT

A. kidney

B. cervix

C. thyroid

D. prostate

Actinic keratoses have the potential to evolve into

A. Squamous cell carcinoma

B. Basal cell carcinoma

C. Melanoma

D. It is not a precancerous lesion

Actinic keratoses typically develop from excess skin

A. Chemical application

B. Ultraviolet radiation

C. Mechanical friction

D. Thermal Injury

Actinic keratoses are predominantly located on

A. Scalp

B. Face

C. Hand

D. Back

Androgen is a possible carcinogen for cancer of

A. Uterus

B. Cervix

C. Ovary

D. Prostate

In shorts

Physical activity is associated with a decreased risk of colon and breast cancer.

Most common cancer – Lung cancer

Second most common cancer – Lung cancer

Third most common cancer – Colorectal cancer

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