Risk of having prostate cancer

Prostate Health Index

PHI is a blood test that estimates the risk of having prostate cancer.

PHI test

The PHI test is a combination of free PSA, total PSA, and the [–2] proPSA isoform of free PSA.

PHI score

These three tests are combined in a formula that calculates the PHI score.

The PHI score is a better predictor of prostate cancer than the total PSA test alone or the free PSA test alone.

Urine-based testing

Urine-based testing measuring exosomes (ExoDx Prostate Test)

mRNA levels

mRNA levels of prostate cancer–related genes (SelectMDx)

Most common risk factor for prostate cancer is

A. Age

B. Prostate size

C. Socio economic status

D. Unsafe sex

Which of the following appear to have a higher chance of getting prostate cancer –

A. Downs syndrome

B. Turner syndrome

C. De Quervain syndrome

D. Lynch syndrome

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