Alder–Reilly anomaly

Alder-Reilly bodies –

  • Alder-Reilly anomaly is seen in – mucopolysaccharidoses.
  • Most characteristic finding – metachromatic granules surrounded by a clear zone seen in lymphocytes.
  • Dense granules [like toxic granulation in neutrophils] – seen in all leukocytes.
  • Granulocytes show metachromatic and darkly staining inclusions containing partially digested mucopolysaccharides
  • Inherited abnormality of white blood cells associated with mucopolysaccharidosis
  • Alder–Reilly inclusions – appear violet when treated with Wright–Giemsa stain
  • Affected white blood cells function normally
  • Granules Shape – round or comma-shaped
  • Granules surrounded by a clearing in the cytoplasm – granules appear to be within small vacuoles.

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