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What is the diagnosis of Echocardiogram Image ?

Echocardiogram- Medicine Question Bank: Dr. S.K sahu. Cardiologist

What is the most probable diagnosis of Echocardiogram Image ?

A. Mitral Stenosis

B. Mitral Regurgitation

C. Tricuspid Stenosis

D. Tricuspid Regurgitation

Moderator Band

Attachment and Extension – ventricular septum to the anterolateral free wall of the RV

  • Moderator band is a prominent muscular ridge in the RV.
  • Present in up to 92% of patients
  • First described by Leonardo da Vinci
  • It originates from the ventricular septum and extends to the anterolateral free wall of the RV at the base of the anterior papillary muscle.

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