Skin Adnexa

The major collagen component of the basal lamina is

A. Type IV
B. Type XI
C. Type VII
D. Type VIII

All are true of the basement membrane zone (BMZ) except

A. A porous semipermeable filter
B. Provides structural support for the epidermis and holds the epidermis and dermis together
C. BMZ also helps to regulate growth, adhesion and apoptosis
D. Restricts movement of keratinocytes and fibroblasts

Acrosyringium is

A. Intradermal spiral duct of sweat gland
B. Composed of small polygonal cells with a central round nucleus
C. It is derived from dermal duct cells through mitosis
D. Cells with ample pink cytoplasm

Which is also called as sudoriferous glands

A. Apocrine glands

B. Sweat glands

C. Sebaceous gland

D. Meibomian glands

All are TRUE about Fordyce spots EXCEPT

A. Benign

B. Visible

C. Sweat glands

D. Found commonly on the lips

If the auriculotemporal nerve is damaged excess sweat can be produced in the rear of the cheek area just below the ear in response to stimuli that cause salivation. This is seen in

A. Fox-Fordyce disease

B. Frey’s Syndrome

C. Hidradenitis suppurativa

D. Bromhidrosis


Conditions of SKINPathologyDescription
1Fox-Fordyce diseaseApocrine sweat glands become inflamed Persistent, itchy rash
2Frey’s SyndromeAuriculotemporal nerve is damagedExcess sweat in response to stimuli that cause salivation
3Hidradenitis suppurativaSkin and sweat glands become inflamed Swollen lumps
Most commonly affected-
– Underarms
– Under the breasts
– Groin
4Sudorrhea– Hyperhidrosis
– Polyhidrosis
Excessive sweating – pathological
5Milaria rubraCalled as -Prickly heat.
Milaria rubra is the rupture of sweat glands and migration of sweat to other tissues.
Hot environments – skin’s horny layer expand due to sweat retention, blocking the ducts of eccrine sweat glands.
6OsmidrosisCalled as -Bromhidrosis.
Osmohidrosis is excessive odor from apocrine sweat glands
Caused by changes in the apocrine gland structure rather than changes in the bacteria that acts on sweat.
Skin Adnexa

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