Ormeloxifene is also known as –

A. Centchroman

B. Progestin

C. Drospirenone 

D. Norethindrone

All of the following are TRUE about Centchroman EXCEPT –

A. Nonsteroidal

B. Low dose progestrone

C. Taken once per week

D. Effective for dysfunctional uterine bleeding

Ormeloxifene is a –

A. Selective estrogen receptor modulator

B. Selective estrogen receptor degrader

C. Selective progesterone receptor modulator

D. Aromatase inhibitors


Ormeloxifene – used as a weekly oral contraceptive

SERMs- Mechanism of Action-

Stimulate estrogenic actions – liver, bone and cardiovascular system

Block estrogen action – breast and the uterus [where stimulation is not desirable].

Mechanism of Action – Ormeloxifene

  • Some cases ovulation occur later than normal but did not affect ovulation in the majority of women,
  • Lining of the uterus – build more slowly.
  • It speeds the transport of any fertilized egg through the fallopian tubes more quickly than is normal .
  • This combination of effects creates an environment such that if fertilization occurs, implantation will not be possible

Trade names for Centchroman –

  • Saheli
  • Chhaya
  • Novex-DS, Centron, and Sevista.

Centchroman currently available free-of-cost for the women in India –

Chhaya (Centchroman)

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