Image Question-46

What is the Diagnosis ?

Image courtesy O. Chaigasame. Copyright © 2022, StatPearls Publishing LLC

A. Hudson–Stahli line

B. Kayser–Fleischer rings

C. Fleischer ring

D. Schatzki–Gary ring

1Hudson–Stahli lineHudson–Stahli line is not associated with any pathology calling for clinical interventionHudson–Stahli line is a line of iron deposition lying roughly on the border between the middle and lower thirds of the cornea
2Kayser–Fleischer ringsWilson’s disease,Kayser-Fleischer rings are caused by copper deposits in descemet’s membrane of cornea, and are indicative of Wilson’s disease
3Fleischer ringKeratoconusFleischer rings are caused by iron deposits in basal epithelial cells.
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