Oil Droplet Cataract

Oil Droplet Cataract is seen commonly in

A. Diabetes Mellitus

B. Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

C. Thalassemia

D. Galactosemia 

Galactosemia follows which mode of inheritance

A. Autosomal Recessive

B. Autosomal Dominant

C. X-linked Dominant

D. X-linked Recessive

Accumulation of which compound within the lens cells leads to cataract in Galactosemia?

A. Lactitol

B. Dulcitol

C. Mannitol

D. Lactulose

All of the following are correct about Oil drop Cataract EXCEPT.

A. Bilateral lens changes

B. “Oil droplet” appearance on retroillumination

C. Lenticular Hypermetropia

D. May progress to total opacification of the lens

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