Image Question-6

Histopathology of Mott cells with Russell bodies

Russell bodies –

Russell bodies 2 high mag

Above Image shows – Russell bodies

  1. Found in multiple myeloma.
  2. Russell bodies are inclusion bodies usually found in atypical plasma cells that become known as Mott cells.
  3. Russell body is characteristic of the distended endoplasmic reticulum.

Dutcher bodies

  1. Similar inclusion bodies like Russel bodies
  2. Overlie the nucleus or invaginate into Nucleus.


Degmacyte or bite cell

  1. Bite cells are known to be a result from processes of oxidative hemolysis, such as Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency,
  2. It is an abnormally shaped mature red blood cell with one or more semicircular portions removed from the cell margin, known as “bites”
  3. Macrophages in the spleen bite Heinz bodies out and the resulting red cells are actually called bite cells

Howell-Jolly bodies

  1. Howell-Jolly bodies – little fragments of the red cell nucleus.
  2. Most commonly seen in patients after splenectomy.

Heinz bodies

  1. Heinz bodies are seen in G6PD deficiency.
  2. Heinz bodies – represent denatured globin chains.

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