Fetal Skull and Maternal Pelvis

Asynclitism during labor can be assessed by palpating

A. Sagittal suture
B. Coronal sutures
C. Lambdoid sutures
D. Frontal suture

Which of the following represents a quadrangular area

A. Bregma
B. Lamda
C. Vertex
D. Brow

Largest of the following

A. Suboccipito-frontal
B. Suboccipitobregmatic
C. Submentobregmatic
D. Occipitofrontal

Not true of normal delivery process

A. Caput succedaneum is not limited by the suture line
B. In well flexed head suboccipitobregmatic diameter is compressed
C. Caput can occur before rupture of the membranes
D. High inclination pelvis favors occipitoposterior position

All are features of pelvis except

A. The narrowest plane in the pelvis is obstetric outlet which is anteroposteriorly oval
B. Upper limitations of the cavity of pelvis marks the junction of second and third sacral vertebrae posteriorly
C. Symphysis pubis is a fibrocartilaginous joint where the articular surfaces are covered with fibrous cartilage with a synovial cavity
D. Anatomical Outlet is a diamond shaped cavity

Not true of angle of inclination of inlet is

A. High inclination tends to delay engagement
B. Sacralization of the fifth lumbar vertebra causes high inclination
C. High inclination favors occipitoposterior position
D. Flat sacrum interferes with internal rotation in low inclination pelvis

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