Hair follicles

All of the following are true of the hair follicles except

A. Infundibulum segment is the upper portion of the follicle, isthmus is below the opening of sebaceous duct
B. Melanocytes are found in the dermal papillae
C. Follicular matrix has the highest mitotic rate of any organ in the body
D. Sebaceous glands are holocrine glands closely associated with hair follicles

Long eyelashes in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is due to

A. Short telogen phase
B. Short catagen
C. Long anagen phase
D. Long catagen phase

Telogen effluvium is the result of early release from anagen that can be induced by all except

A. Febrile illness
B. Surgery
C. Weight loss
D. Pregnancy

Patients receiving chemotherapy often have hair loss because

A. Tapered fracture of hair follicle
B. Shedding of anagen hair
C. Early release from anagen
D. Synchronous termination of telogen and catagen hair

Male pattern baldness is due to

A. Hair follicle miniaturization
B. High level of androgens
C. Length of telogen is shortened
D. Gradual loss of vellus hair

Red hair is characterized by

A. Decreased number of melanocytes
B. Larger melanosomes
C. Apoptosis of hair follicle melanocytes
D. Spherical melanosomes

In short

Hair color

Hair color depends on the degree of melanization and distribution of melanosomes within the hair shaft.

Premature graying

Premature graying is related to exhaustion of the melanocyte stem cell pool.


Pregnancy is typically accompanied by retention of an increased number of scalp hairs in anagen, as well as a prolongation of telogen.

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