Duke Treadmill Score

Duke Treadmill Score

56 year male came with history of atypical chest discomfort. Patient was subjected to Treadmill Test.

Duke Treadmill Score WAS : ‘- 8’

What is the probable Risk Status for future risk of cardiac events

A. No Risk

B. Mild Risk

C. Moderate Risk

D. Severe Risk

Equation for calculating the Duke treadmill score (DTS)

DTS=exercise time−(5×ST deviation)−(4×exercise angina)

[exercise duration by Bruce protocol] – [ 5 × (maximal ST elevation or depression)] – [4 × (treadmill angina index)]
  • Exercise duration is written in “minutes”
  • ST changes in “millimetres”
  • Anginal Score –
    • 0=none,
    • 1=nonlimiting,
    • 2=exercise-limiting

0 = No angina

1= Angina Present but not Limiting the Exercise

2= Angina Present which Limit the Exercise

Score interpretation

Score typically ranges from −25 to +15.

These values correspond to low-risk (with a score of ≥+5), moderate-risk (with scores ranging from −10 to +4), and high-risk (with a score of ≤−11) categories

Duke Treadmill ScoreScore interpretation
1 ≥ +5Low-risk
2 −10 to +4Moderate-risk
3 ≤ −11High-risk
Duke Treadmill Score

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