Tomes’s fibers

Tomes’s fibers are present in

A. Root Canal

B. Ameloblasts

C. Odontoblast 

D. Embryonic Gum

Tomes’s fibers also called as

A. Striae of Retzius

B. Ameloblast process

C. Odontoblast process

D. Neonatal lines

Odontoblast process causes the secretion of

A. Calcium Pyrophosphate

B. Calcium oxalate dih

C. Calcium phosphate

D. Hydroxyapatite crystals

Odontoblast process -Tomes’s fibers or Tomes fibers,

It is an extension of a cell called an odontoblast, which forms dentin in a tooth.

The odontoblast process is located in dentinal tubules.

It forms during dentinogenesis

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