Femoral canal

Femoral canal is bordered posteriorly by –

A. pectineal ligament

B. inguinal ligament

C. lacunar ligament

D. femoral vein

Femoral canal length is –

A. 2 cm

B. 2 inch

C. 5 cm

D. 5 inch

Femoral ring diameter is

A. 0.75 cm

B. 1.25 cm

C. 2.75 cm

D. 3.25 cm

Lateral compartment of femoral sheath contains-

A. Femoral vein

B. Femoral artery

C. Femoral nerve

D. Femoral lymph node

Lateral wall of the Femoral sheath is perforated by –

A. The nerve to the sartorius

B. The nerve to the pectineus

C. Lumboinguinal nerve

D. Intermediate cutaneous nerve of the thigh

Femoral artery is a continuation of the –

A. Internal iliac artery

B. External iliac artery

C. Profunda femoris

D. Internal pudendal artery

Femoral triangle is formed by all of the following EXCEPT –

A. Rectus femoris

B. Sartorius

C. Adductor longus

D. Inguinal ligament

Which nerve is the largest of the Lumber plexus nerves –

A. Obturator

B. Genitofemoral

C. Iliohypogastric

D. Femoral

Node of Cloquet

  • uppermost node is in the groin, under the inguinal ligament,
  • also called Rosenmuller’s node

Femoral sheath – also called the crural sheath

Node of Cloquet

Lies within the medial compartment of the femoral sheath

It is junctional point between the external iliac lymph chain and the deep inguinal nodes.

Predictive value of metastatic deposits in Cloquet’s node for deep pelvic malignancy –

Positive predictive value of 70% and a negative predictive value of 84%- means that the decision on whether to perform deep pelvic lymphadenectomy can potentially be made based on a sentinel node biopsy of the node of Cloquet.

 Femoral triangle -contents (lateral to medial) :

  • Femoral nerve – Innervates the anterior compartment of the thigh, provides sensory branches for the leg and foot.
  • Femoral artery – Majority of the arterial supply to the lower limb.
  • Femoral vein – The great saphenous vein drains into the femoral vein within the triangle.
  • Femoral canal – contains deep lymph nodes and vessels.

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