Coffee Bean Nuclei

Seen in –

  1. Granulosa cell tumors.
  2. Brenner tumor

Granulosa cell tumors

Tumors consists of – monotonous islands of granulosa cells with “coffee-bean” nuclei.

Same nuclear groove appearance noted in Brenner tumour, an epithelial-stromal ovarian tumor distinguishable by nests of transitional epithelial cells (urothelial) with longitudinal nuclear grooves (coffee bean nuclei) in abundant fibrous stroma

Brenner tumor

  1. Usually arises from squamous metaplasia of surface epithelium.
  2. Gross picture of Brenner is similar to that of fibroma.
  3. Histologically islands of transitional epithelium – Walthard nests.
  4. Compact fibrous stroma
  5. Cells look like “coffee bean” as the nuclei have longitudinal grooves.
Brenner tumor with annotated coffee bean nuclei

Benign or Malignant

Majority are Benign, but some can be Malignant

  • Benign Brenner tumor:
    • Small usually < 2 cm
    • circumscribed,
    • fibrous tumor
    • uniform cut surface
    • Calcifications may be present
  • Borderline and malignant Brenner tumor:
    • Smooth surface,
    • larger (usually > 10 cm)
    • fleshy,
    • polypoid masses projecting into cystic cavity(s)
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