Aschoff bodies

Aschoff bodies are nodules found in the hearts of individuals with rheumatic fever.

Characteristic of rheumatic heart disease

Also called Aschoff-Geipel bodies

Aschoff bodies are areas of inflammation of the connective tissue of the heart.

Aschoff bodies are granulomatous structures.

Types of Cells –

  1. Multinucleated giant cells [Macrophages may fuse to form]
  2. Anitschkow cells
  3. “caterpillar cells,”

Aschoff bodies are found in all the three layers of the heart –

Least common – pericardium

Most common – myocardium

Rheumatic heart disease - 3b - very high mag
Nephron, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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