Bands of Ladd

Ladd’s bands

What is ‘Bands of Ladd’?

Fibrous stalks of peritoneal tissue that attach the cecum to the retroperitoneum in the right lower quadrant (RLQ)

What are the ‘obstructing Ladd’s Bands’?

Obstructing Ladd’s Bands are associated with malrotation of the intestine, a developmental disorder in which the cecum is found in the right upper quadrant (RUQ), instead of its normal anatomical position in the RLQ.

Ladd’s bands pass over the second part of the duodenum, causing extrinsic compression and obstruction. 

What is ‘Ladd procedure’?

Surgical operation

Performed to alleviate intestinal malrotation.

The Ladd procedure involves

  1. Counterclockwise detorsion of the bowel
  2. Surgical division of Ladd’s bands
  3. Widening of the small intestine’s mesentery
  4. Performing an appendectomy,
  5. Reorientation of the small bowel on the right and the cecum and colon on the left

Most Ladd surgical repairs take place in infancy or childhood.

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