Integumentary System – Embryology

1. Epidermis acquires 4 layers structure by

A.  End of the third month

B. Early fifth month

C. After 1st month

D. Beginning of 7th month

2. The basic types of dermatoglyphic patterns in the digits are all except

A.  Arch

B. Loop

C. Composite

D. Rhomboid

3. Mesenchyme of dermis is derived from all except

A.  Paraxial mesoderm

B.  Somatopleuric layer of extraembryonic mesoderm

C. Splanchnopleuric layer of extraembryonic mesoderm

D. Neural crest cells.

4. Not true about glands of skin are

A.  The eccrine sweat gland develops from downgrowth of the epidermis

B. Apocrine sweat glands are derived from epidermal buds that form the hair follicles at puberty.

C. The sebaceous gland develops as a bud from the epithelial root sheath of the hair follicle always.

D. The sebaceous glands can develop independent of the hair follicles as buds from the


5. Not true about mammary gland

A.  The mammary glands are modified and highly specialized sweat glands

B. It develops from the surface ectoderm.

C. Lactiferous ducts are formed after childbirth

D. Most common site of accessory/supernumerary nipples is region of axilla

6. All are true about nail development except

A.  Finger nails precedes that of toe nails by approximately 4 weeks.

B. Development of nails starts at 10th week 

C. Nail plate corresponds to the Stratum corneum of the epidermis.

D. The toe nails reach the toe tips at about 36 weeks.


In shorts

  • Apocrine sweat glands are seen in axilla, pubic and perineal regions, and areolae of the nipples. 
  • Polythelia (presence of supernumerary nipples) may be found along the milk line/ridge, but are most commonly seen in the region of axilla.
  • Inverted (or crater) nipple occurs where lactiferous ducts open into a pit causing difficulty in suckling.
  • Vitiligo is a clinical condition characterized by patchy loss of pigmentation in the skin and overlying hair.
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