Anatomy MCQs-1

All of the following are TRUE about Small Intestine EXCEPT

A. Proximal part is fixed

B. Small intestine is about 1.5 m long

C. Duodenum is principally retroperitoneal

D. Duodenum is 25 cm long

Anatomic landmark that separates upper and lower bleeds is the

A. Ligament of Treitz

B. Valves of Kerckring

C. Z-line

D. Addison’s plane

Addison’s plane is

A. supracristal plane

B. transpyloric plane

C. subcostal plane

D. interspinous plane

Valves of Kerckring present in

A. Stomach

B. Small intestine

C. Large intestine

D. Ileocecal valve

ALL are TRUE about valves of Kerckring EXCEPT

A. Plicae circulares

B. Circular folds

C. Obliterated by distension

D. Permanent

Total surface area of mucosa of the small intestine is about

A. 100 m2

B. 200 m2

C. 5000 m2

D. 10000 m2

Entire epithelial lining of the small intestine is replaced in

A. 1 day

B. 3 days

C. 7 days

D. 15 days

Paneth cells are cells most commonly found in epithelium of

A. Stomach

B. Exocrine Pancreas

C. Small intestine

D. Large intestine

In shorts

Structures at Transpyloric plane

First lumbar vertebra lies at the level of the transpyloric plane.

Transpyloric plane passes through the pylorus of the stomach.

Neck of pancreas lies on the transpyloric plane, whilst the body and tail are to the left and above it.

Fundus of the gallbladder projects from the liver’s inferior border at the intersection of the transpyloric plane and the right lateral midline.

Superior mesenteric artery arises from the aorta at the level of the transpyloric plane.

Superior mesenteric vein is joined by the splenic vein to form the portal vein at the level of the transpyloric plane.

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