Wood units Conversions

Wood units

1 Wood units equals

[A] 8 dyne.sec/cm5
[B] 10 dyne.sec/cm5
[C] 18 dyne.sec/cm5
[D] 80 dyne.sec/cm5

Wood units Conversions

Hybrid resistance units (HRU) – also known as Wood units in honor of Paul Wood.

1 HRU = 1 Woods unit = 80 dyne.sec/cm5 = Pa·s/m3

Pa = pascal = pascal (symbol: Pa) is the unit of pressure in the International System of Units , 1 pascal = N/m2

  • Wood units is used to measure – Peripheral vascular resistance

Units for measuring vascular resistance

  1. dyn·s·cm−5
  2. pascal seconds per cubic metre (Pa·s/m3)
  3. mmHg·min/L. – called as hybrid resistance units (HRU) , also known as Wood units

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