Stove-in Chest

stove-in chest is a subtype of flail chest in which there is a depression or collapse of a segment of the chest wall, usually as the result of a direct blow

‘Stove-in chest’ is a rare and complex type of flail chest injury where the flail segment collapses into the chest.

Severe crush injury to the chest several ribs may fracture

Movements in Respiration

  • Inspiration- loose flap sucks in
    Expiration – it blows out
  • Exhibit – paradoxical respiratory movement

Blunt force trauma

Stove-in chest differs from typical flail chest in that Stove-in chest is usually due to blunt force trauma to the chest.

Stove-in chest occurs when the wall of the chest collapses, due to three or more ribs breaking upon impact.

Associated swinging movements of the mediastinum produce severe shock

Injury requires – urgent treatment

Associated with – high immediate mortality

Stove-in Chest

Case courtesy of Craig Hacking, From the case rID: 65939

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