Cantlie’s line

Which structure lies in Cantlie’s line

A. Left hepatic artery

B. Left branch of the portal vein

C. Middle hepatic vein

D. Left hepatic duct

Cantlie’s line

Imaginary division of the liver. The division divides the liver into two planes, extending from the middle hepatic vein to the middle of the gallbladder. It is useful for performing hepatectomies.

Surgical point of view

From a surgical point of view, the liver is divided into right and left lobes of almost equal (60:40) size by a major fissure (Cantlie’s line) running from the gallbladder fossa in front to the IVC fossa behind.

Cantlie’s line is useful when performing hepatectomies.

Cantlie’s line and Couinaud’s classification system

Using Couinaud’s classification system, segments two, three, and both parts of four are on the left side of the division, while segments five, six, seven, and eight are on the right.

Case courtesy of Craig Hacking, From the case rID: 68342

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