Medicine MCQs – 24

Gland of Moll is the other name for

A. Lacrimal gland

B. Meibomian gland

C. Ciliary gland

D. Accessory lacrimal

Glands of Zeis are

A. Sweat glands

B. Lacrymal glands

C. Accessory Lacrymal glands

D. Sebaceous glands

Dacryoadenitis is Inflammation of the

A. Ciliary gland

B. Sweat gland

C. Lacrimal gland

D. Parotid gland

Which of the following are accessory lacrimal glands

A. Ciliary gland

B. Gland of Moll

C. Krause glands

D. Gland of zeis

All of the following are the accessory lacrimal glands EXCEPT

A. Krause’s glands

B. Wolfring’s glands

C. Gland of zeis

D. Popov’s gland

All are TRUE about Wolfring’s glands EXCEPT

A. Accessory lacrimal gland

B. Also called as Ciaccio’s glands

C. Located in the upper border of the tarsus

D. “Krause’s glands” are larger and less numerous than “Ciaccio’s glands”

Krause’s glands

Krause’s glands or Krause glands are small, mucous accessory lacrimal glands that are found underneath the eyelid where the upper and lower conjunctivae meet.

Glands of Zeis

Glands of Zeis are unilobar sebaceous glands located on the margin of the eyelid. The glands of Zeis service the eyelash.

Moll’s gland

Moll’s gland, also known as the gland of Moll or ciliary gland, is a modified apocrine sweat gland that is found on the margin of the eyelid.

Accessory lacrimal glands of the lacrimal system

Krause’s glands, Wolfring’s glands (or Ciaccio’s glands) and Popov’s gland are the accessory lacrimal glands of the lacrimal system of human eye.

Wolfring’s glands

Wolfring’s glands also called – Ciaccio’s glands

Popov’s gland

Popov’s gland are the accessory lacrimal glands

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