All of the following are classified as Bombesin receptors EXCEPT

[A] VCAM-1
[B] Gastrin-releasing peptide receptor
[C] Orphan receptor
[D] Neuromedin-B receptor

Bombesin receptors

Bombesin receptors are G-protein-coupled receptors.
These receptors classify into three different types.

  • Neuromedin-B receptor – bombesin receptor 1
  • Gastrin-releasing peptide receptor ([GRPR] also known as bombesin receptor 2 [BRS1, BB2, BBR-2]).
  • Orphan receptor – known as bombesin receptor 3


Brain- bombesin is known as neuromedin B and is involved in smooth muscle contraction.

LUNGS- Bombesin is present in regions of the trachea, bronchus, and within the whole lung at different stages of human fetal development.

Neoplastic tissues- Bombesin function as a growth factor through autocrine or paracrine mechanisms, which may modulate the growth of various benign and neoplastic tissues

Bombesin is present in neonates, children, and adults

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