Mayer reflex

Mayer Reflex:

Position of Hand for Reflex elicitation

Patient’s hand bent at the wrist

Reflex elicitation

Proximal phalanx of the Middle finger is pushed down, slowly but forcefully by the examiners thumb

Patient’s thumb then opposes and flexes.


Hoffman Reflex

Hoffman Reflex : hold the slightly bent fingers of the patient between thumb
and index finger and snap the nail.

Result – A quick flexion of this or all fingers will occur.

Tromner Reflex

Tromner Reflex: The patient’s hand is placed a relaxed position with fingers slightly bent. The
middle finger is held by the examiner at the middle phalanx. The examiner flicks the
distal phalanx of this middle finger.

Result – A brief flexor motion of the middle or other fingers

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