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Mickey Mouse sign

Case courtesy of Hazem M Almasarei, From the case rID: 56728

Mickey Mouse sign is described on ultrasound image at the groin in presence of dilated ———–

A. accessory saphenous vein

B. common femoral vein

C. great saphenous vein

D. common femoral artery

The presence of a Mickey Mouse sign has been a great diagnostic clue to check accessory saphenous vein insufficiency.

“Mickey Mouse View”

“Mickey Mouse View” at the saphenofemoral junction in the groin: the common femoral vein (CFV) represents the head of Mickey Mouse while the great saphenous vein (GSV) and the femoral artery (CFA) represent the ears

Mickey Mouse sign

Mickey Mouse sign
1Midbrain of progressive supranuclear palsyMRI brain demonstrate ‘Humming bird sign’, ‘Mickey mouse sign’, and ‘Morning glory sign’.
2Polyostotic Paget’s diseasebone scintigraphy with technetium-99mIncreased scintigraphic uptake in the body and spine of the vertebrae resembles the head of Mickey Mouse
3Portal triad biliary ultrasound scansportal vein comprising Mickey’s head and the common bile duct and hepatic artery his right and left ears, respectively
4Pelvic Mickey Mouse signbilateral inguinal vesical herniaon transverse axial imaging
5Dysmorphic Mickey Mouse RBCspresence of these dysmorphic cells in urine indicate intraglomerular haemorrhage
6Ureteropelvic junction obstructionUSG
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