Clinical Questions -1

A 31-year-old female presents at 9th weeks of gestation. She gives history ofon and off vaginal bleeding since 2 weeks and hyperemesis of gravidarum. On exam the uterus is larger than expected for gestational age. USG shows a snowstorm appearance of the uterus with absence of a fetus. What is your diagnosis?

A. Pseudocyesis

B. Twin Pregnancy

C. Large fibroid with Red degeneration

D. Hydatidiform mole

What is the indication of Transvaginal ultrasound in this case of Hydatidiform mole ?

β-hCG > 100,000 mIU/mL

What is the findings of Transvaginal ultrasound in Hydatidiform mole ?

  1. central heterogeneous mass with numerous discrete anechoic spaces
  2. “snowstorm,”
  3. “cluster of grapes,”
  4. “honeycomb” appearance

What is the findings of partial mole?

  1. Fetal parts and amniotic fluid
  2. Abnormally wide gestational sac
  3. Abnormal-looking placenta

Which findings suggests complete mole is more likely than partial mole?

Ovarian theca-lutein cysts – more likely in complete mole

↑ β-hCG (> 100,000 mIU/mL) suggests – complete mole > partial mole

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