Arterial switch operation

Which of the following is the Arterial switch operation?

A. Senning procedure

B. Mustard procedure

C. Jatene procedure

D. Fontan procedure

Jatene procedure is ideally performed in –

A. First week of life

B. Second week of life

C. Third week of life

D. Fourth week of life

Arterial switch operation

Aorta and pulmonary artery are detached from their native roots and reattached to the opposite root

  1. Pulmonary root becomes the neo-aorta,
  2. Aortic root becomes the neo-pulmonary artery.
  3. Coronary arteries are transplanted from the aorta/neo-pulmonary artery to the pulmonary artery/neo-aorta.

Delayed diagnosis of D-TGA – What should be the procedure for Arterial switch operation?

Event of sepsis or delayed diagnosis following procedure should be done to prepare the LV for atrerial switch procedure later in infancy.

  1. Combination of pulmonary artery banding
  2. Shunt construction

This procedure will increase the left ventricular mass sufficiently to make an arterial switch possible later in infancy

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