Papez circuit 

Papez circuit is involved in function of

A. memory

B. sensory processing

C. motor function

D. gait balance

Theta waves are used to measure activity in mainly

A. Cerebellum

B. Hippocampus

C. Amygdala

D. Caudate nucleus

Papez circuit extends

A. Hippocampus to Cerebellum

B. Hippocampus to Hippocampus

C. Amygdala to Hippocampus

D. Caudate nucleus to Hippocampus

Papez circuit goes through the following neural pathways:

Hippocampal formation (subiculum) → fornix → mammillary bodies → mammillothalamic tract → anterior thalamic nucleus → cingulum → entorhinal cortex → hippocampal formation

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