Clinical Questions -11

Contents1 What is the Diagnosis from ECG2 Diagnosis … Clinical Questions -11 Read More »

Duke Treadmill Score

Duke Treadmill Score 56 year male came with … Duke Treadmill Score Read More »

Clinical Question-9

A 40 years smoker male came to Emmergency … Clinical Question-9 Read More »

Cardiology MCQs-8

Contents1 Most sensitive and specific test for myocardial … Cardiology MCQs-8 Read More »

Sgarbossa’s criteria

Sgarbossa’s criteria Three criteria are included in Sgarbossa’s … Sgarbossa’s criteria Read More »

Cardiology MCQs-7

Contents1  Normal QRS axis is between2 Most common … Cardiology MCQs-7 Read More »

Cardiology MCQs-6

Contents1 Mitral facies refers to a distinctive facial … Cardiology MCQs-6 Read More »

Cardiology MCQs-5

Contents1 High-arched palate is a feature of2 Large … Cardiology MCQs-5 Read More »

Dropped-head syndrome

“Dropped-head syndrome” is caused by weakness of neck … Dropped-head syndrome Read More »

Cardiology MCQs-4

Contents1 Bronze discoloration of the skin seen in2 … Cardiology MCQs-4 Read More »

Cardiology MCQs-3

Contents1 Amiodarone IV infusion of 0.5 mg/min (720 … Cardiology MCQs-3 Read More »

Cardiology MCQs-2

Contents1 Most preventable cause of death in the … Cardiology MCQs-2 Read More »

Cardiology MCQs-1

Contents1 In Pericardial tamponade most common associated symptom … Cardiology MCQs-1 Read More »


Contents1 ‘P’ pulmonale in ECG suggests2 Which of … ECG MCQs -1 Read More »

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