Milk production ———– after cessation of breastfeeding is non-lactational and is considered galactorrhea

A. 2 months

B. 3 months

C. 5 months

D. 6 months

Which is the commonest hormone-secreting tumors of the pituitary glands?

A. Prolactinomas 

B. Corticotroph adenomas

C. Thyrotroph adenomas

D. Gonadotroph adenomas

Prolactinomas which are less than ———- in size are known as microprolactinomas

A. 0.5 cm

B. 1 mm

C. 0.5 cm

D. 1 cm

Which is secreted from the hypothalamus and inhibits the secretion of prolactin?

A. Dopamins


C. Glutamine

D. Serotonine

In shorts

Prolactinomas size

< 1 cm in size- microprolactinomas

> 1 cm in size – macroprolactinomas

Prolactin levels correlate well with the size of the tumor

Microprolactinomas having prolactin levels of >200 ng/ml

Macroprolactinomas having higher prolactin levels of >1000 ng/ml.

Estrogens cause hyperprolactinemia

Estrogens cause hyperprolactinemia by inhibiting hypothalamic dopamine as well as stimulating lactotrophs directly.

Bromocriptine or cabergoline

Mainstay of hyperprolactinemia is treatment with bromocriptine or cabergoline. These are dopamine agonists which act on the D2 receptors present on the lactotrophs and inhibit prolactin production.

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